Simple, No-Heat Hairstyles

September 22, 2018
Two french or dutch braids on short hair with bobby pins

A big part of having healthy hair, no matter which way you choose to wear it, is avoiding heat. I straighten my hair at least once a week, so on the six days in between, I try to avoid the flat iron at all costs. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but I've collected a couple simple styles that I can use no-heat necessary.

If you've been following me for a while or stalked my various social media, you know that I've been through it all with my hair. I don't want to call it a journey because that's so cliche, but about two years ago it was healthy and growing, then my ignorance damaged it until it was so bad that I had to chop it all off — April 7, 2017 was a dark day. My hair is healthier now than it has been in years and even though it's still shorter than I'd like, it has served me well for the past few months. A large part of that is due to my reluctance to use heat. Some of my favorite hairstyles are easily achievable with a little bit of hair product, some bobby pins, and my bare hands!

French/Dutch Braids

I've worn this style almost every day for the past two weeks because I love it so much. I'll admit, I'm not great it at. For years my mom did it for me but this summer she made me learn how to do it myself. Personally, I see nothing wrong with being 19 and having my mom do my hair but she disagrees. This hairstyle is the best because it works on almost all hair lengths. With my short hair, I braid it to the base of my head and leave two "puppytails" of hair at the bottom. When my hair grows out a bit more I'll be able to braid it longer.

Foam Rollers

This style requires a bit more preparation and hair length, but it's a great one! In high school, I used to roll my hair in sections with foam rollers at night and sleep on it. In the morning, I let them fall out and used a comb as needed. I did this every day for months and it helped my hair grow considerably! I just ordered a pack of rollers from Amazon so I can start doing this again. Pro tip: get the rollers with the satin wrap around them to protect your hair.

Pulled Back/Half-Up Half Down

Whenever I wake up and the front of my hair is struggling, I pull it back. Using the Shea Moisture Edge Treatment from my summer beauty essentials and the Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Finishing Oil Serum, I slick back the front section of my hair above my ears and bobby pin it. I do this on both sides, so if your hair is a bit longer you could put it in a ponytail or bun. A bit more complicated version of this style would be to braid it, but I'm not that advanced yet ;)


Thanks to Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf, I became obsessed with headbands in my early teens. I wore one almost every day and I had a variety of them from navy tartan to pearl. Now I keep it simple with a thin black one, though I still pull out my favorite jeweled one for special occasions! Headbands are great because you can wear them in a few different ways. I usually wear mine with my usual style, parted on the left side. But, if my hair looks truly terrible, I brush it straight back and use a headband to keep it in place.

Predictably, I'm wearing braids right now but I'm thinking about switching it up tomorrow. What are your favorite no-heat styles? xx, Lauren
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