New Year, New Wardrobe: Curating My Perfect Closet

February 2, 2020

Every year I say 'new year, new me' and every year I mean least for a couple of months. This year, I'm making serious changes in my life that will help me feel more myself than I have been for the past few years.

My mood has always been influenced by how I look and what I wear, which is why even on my worst days you'll see me wearing real clothes and you'll rarely ever catch me in sweatpants. In an effort to completely reinvent myself this year, I have to start with revamping my wardrobe. 

I become bored with things very quickly, especially clothes. So, in an effort to shop less and be more eco-friendly when it comes to fashion; I'm making it my mission to build a streamlined wardrobe of my favorite pieces that I never get bored of, supplemented by closet essentials. 

To start from the beginning, I went threw my closet and pulled all the pieces that I haven't worn in six months. From clothes that didn't fit properly, didn't suit me/my style, or that were old worn I eliminated at least half of my wardrobe. From then I sorted into three piles: clothes that truly should not be worn again (stained, ripped, etc), clothes that anyone reading might buy (new clothes, rarely worn, etc.), and clothes that would get donated. The first pile was only a couple things, so it went in the garbage. The second pile, I listed on my Poshmark (shop here). The third pile, I donated to my local thrift shop.

Now, I'm left with a closet that I can pull pretty much any item from and be happy to wear. I mostly have jeans (skinny, black, white, and specialty), neutral-colored sweaters and tops, and tee shirts. It's currently the bare bones of a wardrobe, but I plan to slowly build it out into my dream wardrobe, one piece at a time. 

My new rules for shopping are that I can only buy pieces that could be worn more than once and with other pieces in my closet. For anything printed or patterns, I have to take at least a couple days to think about it—no impulse purchases. I'm also only buying clothes that fit as they come, with the exceptions of jeans and dresses that need to be hemmed because of my height. 

Another tip is to supplement your collection of clothes with great accessories that can make your outfits feel new and fresh. I've recently fallen back in love with bracelets and I'm very into rings right now. These are both accessories that can determine the style or look of a piece or outfit that is simple.

Finally, I'm being intentional not to get too attached to anything. That is one of the easiest and most dangerous ways to have a closet bursting of clothes you never wear. Whether it was super expensive or has great memories, I have the mindset that I can donate or resell a piece at any time if I haven't worn it in six months.

That's all for now on my wardrobe and my tips for curating my perfect closet. Don't forget to shop my Poshmark closet for great deals on great pieces. xx, Lauren
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