What I Do When I'm Frustrated and Anxious: Mental Health & Self-Care Check In

May 16, 2020

Lately, I've been feeling extremely frustrated and anxious for several reasons—most of which I can't control. Quarantine/social distancing/staying at home is affecting all of our mental health in one way or another. When life is overwhelming and my emotions get the best of me, I have a few tactics I use to regain composure and get myself through it.

Stay at Home Hair Care

May 10, 2020

With stay at home orders being lifted and hair salons reopening this post feels a couple weeks late, but I know that there are plenty of you out there who can't get to the salon or still won't be going for a little while—so this one's for you! I was scheduled for a hair appointment the week after stay at home orders were put in place, so taking it upon myself to manage my hair has been a pretty big task over the past two months. Luckily for me (and you), I figured out a routine that works great for me and hopefully will work for some of you as well!

What's in My Cart: Beauty Edition

April 24, 2020
I've rediscovered my love of makeup and skincare just in time for Sephora's spring savings event! I always try to wait and buy some of the pricier items I've been eyeing during the sale. Different levels of rewards members have different sale periods and discounts, so make sure to check the dates so you don't miss it! Here are the items in my cart!

Sephora Spring Sale Event

Stay-at-Home Reading List

April 15, 2020
After watching tv, movies, and YouTube nonstop for a month, I've turned off my screens and started reading regularly again. I made a little list of the books at the top of my mind lately. From read, currently reading, to next on my list!

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