Kylie Lip Kit vs. NYX Lingerie Lipstick

June 24, 2016

A few weeks back I did a review of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, and since I've been wearing it a lot I got the idea from my friends and family to do a comparison with a similar, but less expensive product. A lot of Kylie Cosmetics doubters claim you can get the same product for a fraction of the price from brands like ColorPop and NYX. Since I've been going through an obsession with NYX lip products, I decided to purchase the NYX Lingerie Lipstick and do a comparison.

Packaging/Design: The products have an extremely similar design with the black top and clear bottom, so there is no clear winner here. I will say that since the Kylie Lip Kit comes in a box, all of the important info is written on the box instead of the lipstick itself so the packaging is a bit cleaner.

Application: I know there was lots of controversy on the brush of Kylie's lipstick, but the new, most recent version is my favorite. It's small and plush enough to apply lipstick w/o being too messy. As for the NYX Lingerie lipstick, the brush is longer and flatter, and the brush hairs are much shorter. I feel like the applicator gets super matted in the center which makes the application messier and less consistent across the lips. The NYX brush also feels less sturdy, so the clear winner is Kylie's lip kit.

Durability: For durability, I mean how long the product lasts, I just couldn't think of the right word. However, obviously Kylie's lipsticks have been tested all over the internet and they last all day, even longer than a day in fact. When I first received my package it was around 5pm, and of course excited me put it on right away. I wore it all evening even though I was just sitting around my house. I don't think I wore makeup that day or I just didn't take it off at night, because when I woke up the next morning Posie K was still on my lips. It obviously didn't look as fresh as when I applied it, but it was clearly still on my lips. To be honest, while I'm glad it doesn't go away after an hour or two, I'm not sure I love that it stays on as long as it does. On the other hand, the NYX Lingerie lipstick definitely doesn't last over 24 hours, but it lasts a few hours for me which is perfect, I prefer to reapply anyways to keep my lips looking fresh.
NYX Lip Lingerie ~ Bedtime Flirt

Wear: Although Kylie is quick to dispute it, many people feel that the Kylie lip kit is drying, myself included. As I mentioned in my original review, it's fine if you apply a good moisturizer before applying it, but since then I've noticed that even when I do this after 2 hours my lips feel like paper, smooth but definitely not moisturized. The NYX Lingerie lipstick does not feel like this at all. You can 100% feel like there is a product on your lips, and it's not sticky, but you can't really rub your lips together as smoothly.

Removal: As I previously mentioned, Kylie's lipstick takes some work to remove. I usually use a makeup removal round with my regular makeup remover, and the removal time depends on how long I've been wearing the lipstick. As for NYX Lingerie, if it doesn't come off naturally after a few hours, a wet paper towel can be used to remove it easily.

Availability: I think both brands have limited availability. The Kylie lip kit has a history of selling out within an hour, although recently Kylie has been increasing her stock. To get the Kylie lip kit you must be following her on social media to know not just when she'll be restocking her products, but which ones, and you must get online immediately if you wish to purchase it in time. You'd think that since NYX is a drugstore brand it would be easy to stop by and pick up the Lingerie lipstick, on the contrary, because NYX has so many products they don't stock them all in each drugstore. I went to 2 different drugstores and Target in search of this product before I went online to find a location that had it stocked.

Price: The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit retails at $29, but comes to $37.95 after shipping since it's only available online (although she has been looking for space for a Kylie Cosmetics store). The NYX retails for $7 and it still only about $8 after tax, which is about 1/5 of the price of the Kylie Lip kit. Granted, Kylie's lip kit comes with a lip liner, and NYX Lingerie does not, you could buy a lip liner from NYX and the price would still be less than half that of the Kylie lip kit.
Kylie Lip Kit ~ Posie K

Overall, the decision of which is "better" boils down to the individual person. As a senior in high school, I'm not a huge fan of spending $40 on a lipstick that I don't wear every day because the color isn't that natural on me, so I prefer the NYX Lingerie. However, if you prefer a bold lip that stays on all day and don't mind paying a little more, then the Kylie lip kit is a much better fit. I don't regret purchasing the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit; I do wear it often and get compliments on it, I just feel like the NYX Lingerie fits my lifestyle better.

I hope you enjoyed this (extremely) lengthy post, leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite liquid lipstick is! Stay tuned, xo Lauren.
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