Author Spotlight: Jeannette Walls

May 12, 2016
{courtesy of Jeanette Walls' Offical Facebook page}
I wouldn't be surprised if you have already heard of Jeannette Walls due to the boom in popularity of her novels the year before last. In case you haven't heard of her, she's the author of The Glass Castle, The Silver Star, and my most recent read, Half Broke Horses
Walls' novels share a theme of survival in a new world, despite the circumstances you are born into. Her characters are complex and relatable, and while I'm not usually a fan of books set in early American history, Walls finds a way to make the early 20th century feel like it could have been last year. The reason for this is because two of the three novels are real life accounts of her family history.  

Half Broke Horses is the story of Walls' grandmother, Lily Casey Smith, and her life growing up out west. The book covers her life from childhood to the adulthood and what it was like raising Walls' mother, Rosemary. It ends with the birth of Jeannette herself. The following novel is Walls' memoir, The Glass Castle. It focuses on the challenges of growing up with Rex and Rosemary was parents, and how she got to the place that she is in now.

Jeanette Walls has a done a great job turning her family's story into two great novels. Although The Silver Star is entirely fiction, it takes a number of themes from Walls' other two books yet remains unique in its own way. These books are best read on long trips, and even though I've never been on a train, I imagine that it is the best way to experience this world.

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment if you've read any of these books or leave me some recommendations! Stay tuned, xo Lauren.
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