How to Make Money as A Teen

September 11, 2015

From experience, I know that it can be hard to make money during high school. I'm always busy between blogging, school, extracurriculars and volunteering (and sleep); and even if I had time for a job during the year there aren't always jobs available. Over the last two years I've found some solutions that work well for me, and may help you as well!

Sell Your Clothes!
I don't mean sell everything in your closet, but everyone has clothes in their closet that don't fit them anymore or just don't get a lot of wear but are still wearable. There are so many websites and apps, where you can sell your clothes and people will actually buy them! I use Poshmark, Vinted, and Tradesy! Tradesy works best with higher end clothing, I'm not selling anything that falls into that category, so I haven't made any money there yet. Poshmark and Vinted have both been major successes for me. I prefer Vinted because it gives you more of the money from the sale, but they are both large communities of people who love to buy clothes! I would also recommend asking your parents if they have anything you could sell for them on eBay, and split the price. My dad said I could sell his old golf clubs on eBay a few summers ago, and I ended up making over $200!

Apps that Give You Money...For Free!!
Just like there are apps where you can sell things, there are easier apps where you can make money for nothing! My favorite is Shopkick, and app where all you have to do is open it when you walk into certain stores to gain points. Shopkick gives "kicks" for walk-ins to stores like Macy's, American Eagle, Target, Best Buy and more! You can also scan specific products for more points, but it is an easy and quick way to earn gift cards and even some high-end products! Another great app is Feature Points! Feature Points works a bit more slowly, but all you have to do is download apps from a specific list to earn points for a gift card or free app in the AppStore! I just downloaded a $3.99 app for free, and it was so worth it!

Save Money!
These obviously aren't ways to have a continuous income, sometimes you won't make a sale for months, and then 3 people will buy things from your closet! If you want to make sure you always have some cash on you, I would save a small percent of everything you make. The small additions after every sale add up, and before you know it your back account with have doubled by the end of the year!

These are just a few ways that I make money for myself! Leave a comment letting me know how you make money and stay tuned for a new post soon! Xoxo, Lauren.

*This is not a sponsored post, I am not being compensated for this post!*
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