Book + Movie Talk: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

August 30, 2015

As you all know I love reading, so whenever I finish a book that I particularly enjoyed, of course, I want to share it with you all. I'm obviously not going to share every book I ever read with you, but if you want to keep up with what I'm reading you can follow me on Goodreads!
A few months ago I was reading Classy Cathleen, and I saw she posted about a book called Wild. I'm always down for new book recommendations, so I added it to my book list and checked it out from the library. Although I chose to start reading it during my busiest month of the year, and it took me forever to get through, I really enjoyed it. Without spoiling anything, Wild by Cheryl Strayed is the author's story about how she overcame something big in her life, by taking a two-month journey through the Pacific Coast Trail.  If you read Jeanette Walls' The Glass Castle (another book that I loved!) it's told in a similar fashion.

I'm not a huge outdoors person, but Wild made me curious about camping, and what it would feel like to go on a large two-month camping trip with just yourself and your thoughts. I'm way too afraid to ever try something like that, but a girl can dream (or live vicariously through Cheryl Strayed)! I will warn you, before you begin this novel, that it can be a bit mature at times. If you aren't comfortable reading about the drug use and sex life (it isn't that bad, but Strayed does discuss it as part of her story) of others, I would suggest you read a different book. However, if it doesn't bother you, I would run to you nearest bookstore to pick up a copy!

While reading, I was unaware that it was turned into a movie. It wasn't until I saw it featured on the Teen Choice Awards, that I found out it became a film starring Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon is the perfect Cheryl Strayed and delivered the role in a way that no one else could. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film, although it too was graphic at times, it's quite different to read something and to see it portrayed (there was quite a bit of fast forwarding involved). I'm writing this now, immediately after finishing the film and I would recommend reading the book first and then watching the film. It's like reading the textbook before the class, so you know what the teacher is talking about during class, the book is more detailed and covers moments the film is not able to.

Both the film and novel Wild were incredibly well done. Hats off to Cheryl Strayed, Reese Witherspoon, and everyone else involved! I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts; stay tuned, xo Lauren.

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