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March 3, 2015

Finding the "perfect jean" can be hard.  Unless you're a character in 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' I'm sure you don't share jeans with your friends, because you have different body types. Even if you have the same body type, you may be different sizes or just have a different preference in pants. I've been on the hunt for the "perfect jean" pretty much for the past 3 years, and I've been through more pairs than you can believe. Today, I wanted to share with you my adventure finding the perfect jean!

Old Navy 'Sweetheart' 
This was the first pair I ever tried during my search, and for a while I thought that they were it. After a few weeks I realized that these jeans were a bit too big, they only fit right after I washed them. I did try to go down a size but those were too tight. Also, they gap quite a bit in the back, so it is necessary to wear a belt and a longer shirt with them. I've had several pair of these, because they actually fit ok...they just aren't my dream pair.

Gap 'Always Skinny'
I tried Gap after Old Navy, because they are owned by the same company. I loved the denim in the Old Navy jeans, just not the sizing. Just like I thought, Gap jeans did fit my waist better than Old Navy, and once again I thought I had found my perfect jean. A few months later I discovered, that my jeans were getting looser again, yet right after I washed them they shrunk too much. I also noticed with this pair, that I kept getting holes in the inseam after a few months. Lastly, these were always too long and too wide around the ankles, and I had bought a 'short'. Even when I cuffed them they were too wide.

Lucky Brand
After hearing a constant rave about Lucky Brand Jeans, I decided to try them out. I tried on 3 different types of skinny jeans, and came to the conclusion on all of them that they were too stretchy, and therefore too tight. Don't get me wrong, I like my skinny jeans to feel like skinny jeans, but these felt like tights and it made me very uncomfortable. As well, they were all about 5 inches too long for my 5'1" frame.

In my mall Madewell is located right next to Lucky Brand, so I decided to give them a chance as well. I found that I had the the same problem at Madewell that I did at Lucky Brand,  they were way too tight/stretchy and too long. These jeans fit my hips and waist well, but they were too spandex-y around the rest of my leg.

Forever 21
I know that Forever 21 is not known for their quality, but somewhere I heard that their jeans fit well so I decided to try them on. To my immediate surprise they fit perfectly! It was a dream come true, until about 3 weeks after I had bought them. It became apparent after 1 wash how the cheap they really were. The color was completely faded, and the jeans just looked old and beat up. I realized that no matter how cheap they were, it was not worth it to have to buy a new pair after every wash, so I continued on in my search.

American Eagle 'Hi-Rise Jegging'
I never thought the AE would have my 'perfect' jean, because their shorts do not fit me at all! I read somewhere in the bloggersphere though, that their jeans fit curvier body types well, so I gave them a chance. When walking into the store I found my size in every single type of jean, and went straight to the dressing room. I began to get discouraged when none of them felt comfortable, too tight and too long even though I got a 'short'. I tried on the last pair, and I immediately knew something was different. Although these jeans are still stretchy, they are the perfect fit for my legs, not too tight. Also, because they are high rise they come farther up my back and do not pucker like previous pair. I've only had these for a few days, so I'll have to update you all if I have any problems, but they seem like they have a lot of dye in them (make sure you wash them in cold water before wearing), so hopefully they won't fade. I got a 'short', so they are the perfect length for me to wear regularly or with a small cuff, and they are skinny all the way down.

I'm not saying that the jeans that didn't work for me won't work for you , I just wanted to share my journey in finding my 'perfect' jean. Keep in mind that this journey has been spread over many months, and I didn't purchase all of these jeans at the same time! Leave me a comment letting me know what your 'perfect' pair of jeans are!

*This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*

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