Holiday Wish List 2014

Holiday Wish List

Hello! Long time no see (17 days, yikes!). Today I'm sharing with you my holiday wish list for this year.
This year was a bit of a toughie, because there's not one specific thing that everyone knows I want! I've compiled my list of 9 things I'm asking for this Christmas. The items on my list range from under $25 to over $200, so I hope this can give you ideas on what to give the women in your life!

I've been wanting a pair of Kendra Scott earrings for a while now, but they kept getting over shadowed by larger items I wanted! Now I cannot wait to get my hands on this super cute pair of statement earrings!

I'm huge fan of B&BW candles, and after smelling this one in the store a few weeks ago I knew I wanted it to be my January/February candle!

I read this book a few months ago and fell absolutely in love with it, as one does with any John Green novel. Then I discovered it was being made into a movie, and in my state! I'm looking forward to this movie coming out next year, and until then I'll be rereading over and over again.

Yes, I know it's well into riding boot season, but I still have not gotten a pair!! I'm head over heels for this pair though, and I really hope they are waiting for me under the Christmas tree this year!

Last year I received this necklace in rose gold, and this year I'm going for the yellow gold! I wear my monogram necklace almost everyday, and I would love to have another one!

Last holiday season I saw a friend of mine in an emerald green dress super similar to this one, but she couldn't remember where it was from. This morning I was browsing the stores in my local mall online and I saw this! The ruby red is the perfect holiday color and I definitely hope I'm unwrapping this come December 25!

I'd like to start off by saying, I do not want this exact scarf. I could never wear such an expensive item without spilling something or losing it, but I love the style! I do however, want a look a like that is good quality, so if you know of one leave me a comment down below!

I've been in need for a new watch for a while now, and while I do think they are gorgeous, I personally do not want a Michael Kors watch. I'm in love with this Kate Spade watch, because the combination of the gold and tortoise is super chic!

This year's beauty item is the Naked 2 palette, which like the Kendra Scott earrings, I've been wanting for a while but kept getting overshadowed by larger items. I've been in a bit of a makeup funk recently, and I think receiving this palette would inspire me to try new makeup looks again!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, hopefully it will not be too long until my next one! Have a happy Thanksgiving!