How To: Monogrammed Binder Cover

August 25, 2014

THE SCHOOL YEAR HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED! For me, today is the first day of school.
With the rush to make sure I had my first day outfit done and I had all of my school supplies, I forgot to make a cover for my binder, yikes! So here I am at 8PM Sunday night trying to figure out cute covers that use only black and white because of course, my printer is out of color ink. Luckily, my binder is pink, so a simple black and white monogram will definitely work!
Trying to make these last minute with no help would be such a pain! I figured out a super cute, easy, and free way to make monogram binder covers.

1. Find a monogram you like. For interlocking vine these are great, and these are good for circle monograms.

2. Save your monogram as a .PNG image. For the interlocking vine you will need to zoom out on Adobe Reader and screenshot the last page after you enter your initials.

3. Decide on what two colors you want to use. Go to and use the overlay option to change the background color. Make sure the image is saved as a .PNG for the overlay feature.

4. Go to and use the bucket fill option to change the color of the script/letters. You may have to do this in separate parts if your monogram is not all connected.

5. Save the monogram with image size 850 x 1100. This is the size of a normal piece of paper and ensures that your monogram will be the right size. 

6. Save your image and print it out! (I made mine black and white, but will definitely be using this pink one once I have colored ink!)

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