The Best Travel Outfit Ever

June 5, 2018
Girl in a casual green dress getting into a green Rolls Royce

The day before my Hong  Kong flight I was in Urban Outfitters (when am I not there) picking up another pair of my favorite skinny jeans (and they're super on sale!!). As I was wandering around the store, I realized that as much as I love those jeans (and I really do) I was not looking forward to wearing them for over 24 hours on the plane and in the airport. That's when I saw the dress. 

5 Tips for Fighting Jet Lag

June 2, 2018
view of vancouver from plane

Let’s talk jet lag, it's the worst. It sucks to travel halfway around the world only to be too tired and sick to enjoy your new surroundings. There are so many tips and tricks out there for combatting jet lag and I’ve tried a lot of them. So here’s what works. My methods are tried and true, I did each and every one of these things during or after my flight to Hong Kong (which was a 36 hour travel day, 20+ hours were spent in the air) and I felt fresh as ever when I woke up this morning.
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