Hydrating Hair Care Routine

November 14, 2018
My hair went from too sweaty and sleek to dull and dry over the course of a couple weeks. Somehow, D.C. fast-forwarded through fall this year and went from sweltering heat to high's of 37 degrees (looks like I'll be staying inside tomorrow). Winter brings hot cocoa and gingerbread houses, but it also causes dry skin and a dry scalp. I've switched up my hair routine to better suit the season and since I'm already seeing results I have to share!

5 Steps to a Skin Detox

November 9, 2018

Halloween is over which means discounted candy and an abundance of baked goods as we look towards Thanksgiving. My skin reacts to what I eat, so the holiday season tends to make me break out like crazy. Between my sister's pumpkin pie and my own famous acorns, it's hard to limit my sugar intake. I've cultivated a holiday skin detox that I always employ after eating unhealthily, at it does a great job of mitigating acne.

Witch Hazel: The Spooky Ingredient You Need in Your Beauty Cabinet

October 31, 2018
Thayer's witch hazel original astringent and toner

Happy Halloween gals and ghouls! October 31st has never been my favorite day of the year. But, this year I'm embracing the holiday which means writing a spooky-themed skincare post. The only thing scary about witch hazel is the name, which comes from the old English name of the plant. However, I've been meaning to talk about this product on the blog for a while now and I figured today is the perfect day!
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