How to Get Out of A Creative Rut

February 20, 2018

As much as I love blogging, every couple of months I fall into a rut and feel completely uninspired to write blog posts, post on social media, or be creative in general. I usually end up wallowing in it for a few days (or weeks) and then something sparks and I jump back into the swing of things full force! It works, but it's undeniably not the most efficient way to live my life. After a few cycles of this, I realized what always pulls me back: changing my look.

Changing your look can mean a number of things from buying a new phone case to trying a different hairstyle. For me, changing my look either means making some changes to the blog design (like I did this past January) or making changes to the room I'm in - literally. I've been known to stay up all night rearranging the four items of furniture in my room (my desk, bed, bookcase, and chair) just to get excited about something new. Whether it's a simple project such as reorganizing your bookcase or a project that requires a few more hands; changing the physical space that you're in makes you feel productive and gives you the opportunity to get creative in a low-stress way.

A couple of months ago I got into a major rut and it took my new blog design for me to figure out what was holding me back and write a post with my goals and updates for 2018. One of the biggest factors that led me back to blogging was an email from Photowall. When the company asked if they could send me a gift I became obsessed with the idea of adding a feature wall to my room. My walls have been my favorite shade of pink for years, but right after my I left for college my family moved into a new house and my new walls are white. The pink marble pattern that I found online is the perfect way to bring a little of my old room to the new house and switch things up.

Photowall is amazing and gives you the opportunity to upload your own image if you can't find one that you're absolutely in love with on their site. I knew that I wanted to do the pink marble that I featured in my February mood board, so I sent in my wall measurements and within a week the package arrived. I spent the better part of a day putting up the wallpaper with my mom and it wasn't too difficult. We took a couple more hours than we would have liked, but mostly because I chose a wall with two windows that we had to work around. Photowall was kind enough to offer 20% off to my readers for the next 30 days! So, if you're stuck in a rut or you've been wanting to do something fun, use the code MissLaurenAlstonCampaign2018 at!

Aside from the wallpaper, I made some changes to my bar cart and my bookcase. Funnily enough, my bar cart is another DIY I did with my mom a couple of years ago. Obviously, I don't use it as a bar, but rather I decorate it with candles, jewelry, and other random things like my mini Eiffel Tower. I love the pairing of gold and glass in this little corner of my room. My bookcase is nearly impossible to make aesthetically pleasing because I actually use it to store all of my books and yearbooks none of which match my theme. I was able to take just one of the shelves and set up a few of my favorite trinkets like my gold Anthropologie mug and a Rifle Paper Co. birthday card that Allie gave me for my 18th.

Changing your look doesn't always have to mean home decor, it can be exploring a new part of town or switching your daily routine. I hope this post has inspired you or given you ideas for things you can do to get out of a rut! Thanks for reading, xx Lauren
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