The Best Travel Outfit Ever

June 5, 2018
Girl in a casual green dress getting into a green Rolls Royce

The day before my Hong  Kong flight I was in Urban Outfitters (when am I not there) picking up another pair of my favorite skinny jeans (and they're super on sale!!). As I was wandering around the store, I realized that as much as I love those jeans (and I really do) I was not looking forward to wearing them for over 24 hours on the plane and in the airport. That's when I saw the dress. 

If you told me a year ago that I'd be raving about wearing a dress for a flight, I would have called you insane. But a couple weeks ago, Julia from Gal Meets Glam was on her IG stories and explained why she likes to dress up for flights and it all clicked.

Not only are casual dresses like this one super comfortable and breathable, they can be dressed up or down. In-air, I paired the dress with my favorite everyday Adidas shoes and an oversized cardigan that can double as a blanket if I'm cold or want to sleep. I always wear a watch when traveling, especially if the time zone is changing so I can keep track of what time my body operates on and try to fight jet lag.

The life-changing part is all I have to do to dress it up is swap my sneakers for wedges, ditch the cardigan, and add some nice jewelry (usually my monogram necklace and Kendra Scott Elle earrings)! As Julia explained, if you have somewhere to be as soon as you get off the plane you're prepared, especially if your flight is delayed, your bags get lost, or you have to wait to check into the hotel. Speaking of hotel check-in, do you ever feel like guests and concierge alike are judging you while you wait in the lobby in ripped jeans and a tee shirt? I hate that feeling and when I was more dressed up, I didn't have it at all.

I could go on and on, and I will but only for a little bit longer ;) I loved this outfit and it's versatility so much that I wore it two days later! A couple days after my arrival I had a walking tour of HK and a welcome dinner as part of my program. One of my professors advised us to dress casually but wear something nicer than shorts and sneakers — this outfit immediately came to mind. I was an outfit repeater in the words of Kate Sanders and I loved every second of it.

What's your favorite outfit to travel in? And yes, that's me getting into a green Rolls Royce (old news, Instagram saw it first) xx, Lauren

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