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July 19, 2017

Hi everyone! I've been super MIA from social media the past few days because I've been super busy with life, but I'm gearing up to go to NYC this weekend for Her Conference and I cannot wait! If any of you are going to be there let me know, I would love to meet up!
Now into the post, I don't want this to be a long post about "my fitness journey" because to be honest, I'm not that fit. I have, though, been working out 3-4 times a week this summer so I wanted to share my favorites work outs with you!

My all-time favorite fitness activity is playing tennis! I went to tennis camp for a few years, where I met Ruth, but to be honest I don't get to play that much. This summer my brother has become a tennis player so I play him occasionally, but this one is rough because I don't always have a partner.

Most often, I take boxing classes. My sister and I have been taking Muay Thai classes for a while now, she's been going for almost a year and I've been going for a bit over six months! I love boxing because not only is it a great work out but I'm also learning self-defense in case I need to pull a Gigi Hadid on a stranger in the street (she kicks butt). At the gym we go to, the classes are an hour and are offered 5 days a week! I've been the most consistent with this as a work out routine and I always love how I feel after a class!

Those are my two go-to workouts! I really want to try an Orangetheory Fitness class and also a spin class because those are two things that are in my area and available to me that I have never tried! Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite fitness activity is! Stay tuned, xo Lauren.
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