Bringing Abercrombie Back

July 29, 2015

I know, I know, you may be shocked and surprised by the title of this post, but yes, this lace-y blue number is from Abercrombie & Fitch! I'm not sure about you, but where I live Abercrombie is sooo 7th grade; I don't know a single person at my school who still wears it.  

A few weeks ago, I was at the mall shopping, mostly for dresses and rompers, as they are easy to throw on and go while still looking put together.  I was drawn into Abercrombie by a cozy-looking grey sweater - which I had to convince myself not to buy in the middle of June - and from their explored the store a bit more. My eye caught this blue romper, which I never thought would fit me (aside from their t-shirts, A&F never fit me well), but my mother convinced me to try on - mother's really do have the best advice.

It fit like a glove, and quickly became one of my summer essentials. The lace makes the romper a bit dressy, so I love wearing it with wedges, like these from Steve Madden (similar). Even with the lace, the romper is a bit simple, which allows me to add a bunch of accessories. A no-brainer is my monogram necklace (I wear it almost daily) and my Kate Spade watch. Recently, I've been obsessed with these Lily and Laura bracelets, and earrings from Altar'd State (similar) as well.  The ring is such a simple touch, and too cheap not to get, from American Eagle (I like this one too).

(a random, fun picture that I liked too much to leave out!)

Comment below some of your favorite places to shop, I love finding new stores to fuel my online shopping addiction! I'll be back soon, xo Lauren!
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