Star Girl

January 16, 2019
Crouched wearing light wash black jeans, star embroidered sneakers, cream sweater, and black vegan leather jacket with silver star embroidered taken in a mirror

Happy Wednesday! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time developing my personal style. This outfit exemplifies my personal style and I love that the pieces are unique. I used to share outfits on my blog all the time and even though I focus more on beauty than fashion, this is a personal blog and I want to share more outfits!

Faux Leather Star Jacket
I had my eye on this jacket for over before I got it and I’m so happy I did! A bit of backstory, I discovered Violet Boutique (aka the source of most of my wardrobe) about a month into college and one of the first pieces I tried on was this jacket. I didn’t bite the bullet then because I didn’t know how practical it would be and I regretted it ever since. Also, at the beginning of last year, I was obsessed with stars and I didn’t want to buy a star jacket in case I was over stars in a month (#practical). Flash forward a year later, this past September I went into Violet and one of the employees was wearing it. I told her how much I loved it and that I missed it and the next time I went in it was back! I purchased it then and I’m so glad I did. I’ve never felt hardcore enough to wear a leather jacket regularly, but the stitched silver stars make it feel less aggressive and easier for me to wear.

While we’re talking about stars, let me explain the shoes. These shoes also have a bit of a backstory, so bare (bear?) with me. I get a new pair of sneakers at the beginning of every school year, I always have. This year, I bought an insanely cool pair of blue embroidered adidas Stan Smith’s (or Super Stars) which I love because they were incredibly basic but unique at the same time. I’m not sure what happened, maybe the oversold, but adidas ended up canceling my order and refunding me. I looked for another pair of sneakers that I liked as much more months before I found these on FarFetch. They were on sale right before I went home for Christmas, so I made kindly asked my Dad to buy them for me and put them under the tree. I’ve been told that it’s too much to wear the jacket and shoes together, and while I agree for the most part I had to do it just once.

The jeans have much less of a story behind them. Last month, I really wanted a pair of light wash black jeans and I went home and saw my sister wearing these. I asked her where she got them only to find out that I’d given them to her over a year ago so I took them back and here we are. Any girls out there with sisters, isn’t this the best way to find ‘new’ pieces and build your wardrobe?

I kept the accessories light and simple so I would detract from the jacket or shoes. Also, I wear all gold jewelry so it was nearly impossible to find silver pieces. My earrings are pearls which I wear almost every day and my necklace is from Stargaze jewelry (throwback to this post).

What are your favorite statement pieces in your wardrobe? xx Lauren

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