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February 16, 2018
Jaco Juice & Taco Bar tacos and smoothies

Last weekend, a friend and I were trying to pick a spot for a quick lunch before a movie. He loves Mexican food but my being vegan can make tacos and burritos a bit more difficult. After a bit of sleuthing, I discovered Jaco Juice & Taco Bar. Jaco has quickly become the perfect go-to spot for a couple of reasons: it offers a variety of fresh food from acai bowls to burritos and it's less than a mile from campus!

Jaco Juice & Taco Bar tacos and smoothies

So far, I've only been to Jaco a handful of times but I already have some favorites from the menu! The Baco Taco (sans dairy) is delicious and surprisingly filling for a single taco. I love that Jaco gives you the option of one or two tacos, making it easy to try a bit of everything.  As a self-proclaimed smoothie connoisseur, I love the Island in the Sun and Spinach Colata smoothies! The Island in the Sun leans on the sweeter side but perfectly complements a taco or two on a warm day. The Spinach Colata feels more like a mini-meal of its own, great for in between classes or a post-gym treat. My #1 must order item is the Baco juice, not only is it delicious but the ginger works well if you're fighting a cold. I've yet to try the acai bowls but I have my eye on the PB Acai for my next visit!

Jaco Juice & Taco Bar

Jaco Juice & Taco Bar smoothies and tacos

Aside from the food, what I love about Jaco is the seating options. With so little space to accomodate customers, Jaco did an amazing job. The orange corner booth in the photo above is great for your Sunday brunch crew. If your taking a shopping break with one or two of your gals, the wooden counter with the silver stools is great for a quick bite and conversation. However, my favorite seating option is the outdoor patio. It's adorable for a date or just enjoying the warm weather (whenever it arrives in D.C.). I'm already planning to hit up Jaco and enjoy a smoothie in the spring sun while studying for finals.

Jaco Juice & Taco Bar turquoise wall

The small details and fun colors make Jaco such a great spot! This bright turquoise wall with old-fashioned pics serves as the perfect spring break mood board and makes me wish for a trip to Mexico every time I see it! The inside light fixtures are nearly impossible to photograph, but I love that each hanging light has a cut-out of a different fruit!

Jaco Juice & Taco Bar tacos and smoothies

I appreciate that Jaco is reasonably priced because as you know from my money saving tips, I hate to spend money on food (though I do it quite frequently - do as I say, not as I do). With the 10 % student discount, I got a smoothie and a taco for less than $10. My final note is that that staff at Jaco are super friendly! Not only did they give advice on what to order my first time in, but they were incredibly helpful during this shoot which only made me want to return more. 

Have you ever been to Jaco Juice & Taco Bar? What do you think? xx, Lauren

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