February Mood Board

February 2, 2018

Happy Groundhog Day! I'm writing this post a couple days early, but my guess is that Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this morning and we have six more weeks of winter ahead. Last year, February was a great month for me; nothing spectacular happened, but despite some setbacks — losing my wallet and ruining my laptop — I was able to roll with the punches and not let it get me down.
I'm making the decision to channel the vibes I had last year and make this February a great one! Part of that means doing what makes me happy and self-love, which is perfect since Valentine's day is less than 2 weeks away. Valentine's day comes with red and pink hearts and flowers which also fit well with the theme!

All the images I found on Pinterest, except for the pink marble which is the Indie Wallpaper from Shop B Darling. I love the idea of a pink marble accent wall and millennial pink and marble are on trend at the moment.

When I saw the Ines Longevial painting, I knew I had to include it because it is a beautiful piece. I love the unexpected cohesion of the brown, red, and pink and it makes the piece unique. February is Black History Month and I thought the painting was a good representation of African American's and the beauty of brown.

The red heart manicure looks fun, but also professional and low-maintenance. Currently, I'm on a strict budget so I can save for spring break, but I might have to try this one my own (though my track record with DIY nail art isn't impressive). I tracked this picture down and it's from a jewelry company called Bing Bang NYC.

Typography and graphic design are two of my less explored interests. I'm always saving cool graphics and types on my graphics & type Pinterest board. This image is fun and done in my favorite colorway so I had to save it and use it in this mood board. I tracked this image back to BrandCrush, a marketing and branding consulting business.

I've had the love cursive image saved for a while, once again because it's done in my favorite colors but also because it was executed extremely well. I love (hehe) that the script reaches both ends of the image and the balance of color and the dip of the "l" work beautifully. This image was created by Vanessa, the blogger behind Flip and Style (she also runs Blog Pixie which is a great resource for bloggers and the source of this mood board template)!

I love flowers!! Not having them, because I hate it when they die and I always hold on too long, but floral photography. There isn't much of the image included in the mood board, but I was drawn to the photo because of the balance of the dark leaves and the light flowers. This picture was harder to trace, but I think it's from Jessica's VSCO.

The amazing pink floral design at the bottom of the mood board is a Speck iPhone 6 wallpaper that I will 100% be using from now on! It's super detailed and pretty and it totally makes sense that it's a tech wallpaper.

I hope you liked my February mood board! If you made one, drop the link in the comments. What are your vibes from this month? xx, Lauren
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