District Wharf - Washington D.C.

October 28, 2017

District Wharf Washington D.C.
District Wharf Washington D.C.

District Wharf Washington D.C.

Politics and Prose at District Wharf Washington D.C.

District Wharf Washington D.C.

District Wharf Washington D.C.

Potomac Taxi District Wharf Washington D.C.

Potomac Riverboat Company Water Taxi at District Wharf Washington D.C.

Ben and Jerry's at District Wharf Washington D.C.

Welcome back! I feel like I say that at the beginning of every post, but whenever I sit (or lay) down and start a new post I feel like I'm talking to someone that I haven't spoken to in a few days. That sounds a lot weirder than it actually is - I promise. I've had a long - but moderately productive - week, so I am so glad to be sitting in bed, watching YouTube videos and writing this post. It is so true that the best things happen when you're not even looking. I had originally planned for a post to go up yesterday but I wasn't feeling it at all and I didn't have any good pictures so I didn't write or publish anything. I spent the day feeling so irritated at myself for not having a perfect life or great pictures that would make my blog and Instagram so much better. Then, I was going on an outreach trip for one of the clubs I'm in on campus and I ended up wandering around District Wharf with my camera and a couple of hours to spare.

District Wharf is one of D.C.'s latest day trip destinations, it opened just a few weeks ago on October 12. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it down there on opening day/night because it's super out of the way from school and I had a lot going on at that time (p.s. no one ever tells you that midterms will take over your life). But lucky me, today I was able to take my time seeing everything that the Wharf has to offer when it wasn't too busy. There are tons of restaurants down there that look amazing (I haven't eaten at any of them yet because I'm trying to save money and I'd much rather go with my family or a group of friends), but I'm especially looking forward to Taylor Gourmet (so many vegan options!).

Aside from its seemingly endless restaurants, it's a great spot for hanging out with the fam and killing some time. As far as a sweet tooth, there's a Ben & Jerry's near the entrance of the Wharf, which I love because it offers a refreshing treat for everyone! My favorite thing to do was explore Politics and Prose Bookstore, which I could literally spend hours in. There's also a little area that, let's be honest, was made for kids, and houses large versions of Scrabble and Battleship that you could probably definitely enjoy as an adult! You could even take a ride on a "Water Taxi" and soak in the view while listening to Yellow Submarine by the Beatles (that's the first thing I thought of when I  saw the bright yellow boats).

Whatever you chose to do, try to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. I cannot wait to see District Wharf grow and hopefully, *fingers crossed* I'll get to spend a good amount of time down there. xx, Lauren

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  1. This looks like such a fun spot! I love pop-ups, we have something like this in Philly too!

    xo, Pri