Holiday Gift Guide 2016

December 19, 2016

      There's less than one week until Christmas, so time is running out to buy gifts for our nearest and dearest. Every year, I struggle to pick out gifts because I either have too many ideas that I can't afford, or I have absolutely no ideas at all! This year, it's been a bit easier than usual, so I decided to create a gift guide. 

This gift guide is composed completely of gifts that I've given and have been successful or that I've received and loved! Leave a comment with your best gift ideas! My next post will be the day after Christmas, so stay tuned! Xoxo, Lauren.

Target always has cute mugs, and the holiday ones are especially festive without being tacky. I gave my sister this one yesterday as an early Christmas gift, but also as a bribe to shoot some pictures for me. She loved it so much and it was only $5!

Yet another gift I got my sister as a bribe to take pictures, I got her this speaker back in June. My dad has one that my sister sometimes used, but I knew she'd love one of her own. The volume is great and the battery lasts a long time, plus it's small and easily transportable. Aside from Amazon, I know these are sold at Brookstone and Sam's Club.

I got this case last year around Christmas, and I've had it ever since. I loved how durable Wildflower cases are and I always get compliments on my phone case! Everyone has an iPhone these days, so as long as you know what type of phone a person has and a little about their style you'll be able to pick out a case they'll love.

You all know that I love Kendra Scott and while a lot of their earrings are statement pieces, they also have a lot of options that are better for everyday. My mom picked out this style of earring as one of her gifts this year and she's super excited about opening them on Christmas day!

I've had my journal for almost 3 years now, as I got it Christmas 2013, and I love it so much! I'm so glad to be able to look back on where I was at different times in my life and I think it's a great gift to give someone.

My sister and I got this French Press for my mom last year and she loved it. It was something she'd been thinking about getting but I don't think she was expecting it as a Christmas gift. She brought it to work with her to make her daily coffee and now my sister wants one for herself!

The socks I included are ones that my sister got me last year and I love for wearing around my house on the weekend (I'm pretty sure I wore them 3 days in a row last Christmas). I also recommend fuzzy socks or super thick camping socks as gifts. I just bought fuzzy socks for myself, friends, and family in Christmas colors for $1 at Target!

Butter London nail polish is great quality and cruelty free! It makes a great gift, or part of a gift, depending on your price range, because it's too expensive for most people to justify purchasing on a regular basis. A friend of mine got me on last year as part of my secret santa gift and I was super excited about it.

Candles are a great gift because you can get super fancy ones or more inexpensive ones depending on your price range. I love receving B&BW candles because I hate spending @23 on a candle. If you're looking for a gift in a higher price bracket, Diptye is super popular and if for a lower price bracket, Target has great options!
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