ColourPop Lippies

September 29, 2016

A few weeks ago, around Labor Day I think, ColourPop was having a sale. For a year now I've been waiting for a reason to try out their lip products, as I've heard so many great things. With lipsticks priced at just $6, I couldn't resist. In my order, I purchased three lips products and got one for free which was super exciting.

The three colors I chose are Stain, November, and Frick'n Frack. Stain is an Ultra Glossy Lippie, so it's slightly less pigmented. I love it for the transition to fall because it's easy to wear but still darker and purple-y for fall vibes. Layered on top of the other two products it looks great as well. My favorite one to layer it on is November. November is almost a Barbie pink, so it's definitely a look. I cannot describe how it looks layered with Stain, but it's kind of a dark coral and I love it! The last lippie is called Frick'n Frack. It's very similar to November in the tube, but on my lips, it's a lot darker. Frick'n Frack is a mauve that will also be amazing for fall on every occasion. November and Frick'n Frack are ultra matte lippies so they dry matte and last for the whole day, similar to the NYX Lingerie and Kylie Lip Kit which I compared here. ColourPop has exceeded my expectations so I will definitely be picking up more shades sometime soon! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned, xo Lauren.

{Stain Ultra Gloss Lip}

{November Ultra Matte Lip}

{Frick'n Frack Ultra Matte Lip}

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