Revice Denim

May 17, 2016

One Monday evening, while I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting for my name to be called, I was browsing Instagram (follow me @misslaurenalston) when I discovered the account @revice_denim. If you know me, then you know that jeans are my absolute favorite thing to wear. I wear jeans at least 3 days a week because for me they are the most comfortable thing ever. I'm always looking for new brands that could fit my body better, because as you may have seen in my Finding the Perfect Skinny Jean post from last year, it's super hard to find jeans that fit my body shape. 

I ordered the main skinnies/dirty vintage wash in my normal size, and to my surprise and joy, they fit me perfectly! I feel great about these jeans because are high quality, a good price($58-78), and the perfect fit. Aside from the fact that they are about 3 inches too long (which can easily be fixed by a tailor), it's like they were made for me. Try out Revice Denim, and let me know what you think of their jeans!

Another reason I fell in love with Revice Denim is their packaging. My package came in a brown paper bag type envelope that was printed with the Revice logo, mission, and social media handles. The details on the packaging add so much to the quality of the product, so I wanted to make sure to mention that aspect of the item.

If you've ever tried Revice Denim, leave me a comment on which pair of jeans is your favorite so I know which ones to get next. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned, xo Lauren.
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