What's In My Backpack!

August 18, 2014

I don't know about you, but for me school starts in 1 week!!  Although this summer has treated me well, I'm excited to jump back into the school year!  I love reading back-to-school posts and seeing the school supplies all my favorite bloggers use, so today I present to you what's in my backpack!

In my backpack, I always keep a book to read after tests, or if I have any free time. I'm currently re-reading The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall.  It's an easy read perfect for the end of summer.  I also have two school essentials -- my TI-84 calculator and index cards!

This school year, I'm most excited about my new pens and my new agenda! Last year, I used a large Lilly Pulitzer agenda, and I absolutely adored it. My only problem was the spirals, they got caught in everything and caused my agenda to tear. This year, I purchased a medium Kate Spade agenda, it's a size smaller than last year and has the spirals on the inside. I figured a smaller size would be easier to fit in my backpack once I have all my textbooks! The  monogram on my agenda is from PreppyGlam. My new favorite pens are the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens. I purchased mine via Amazon, but they are also available at Target. I'll admit they were a bit pricey for pens, but hopefully they will last me the majority of the year. I went for colorful pens because I'm a big fan of color-coding my agenda and highlighting important notes. Another new thing this year was the decision to not use a binder. Instead, I'm opting for a 5 subject notebook where I will store notes and handouts for most of my classes. Last year my binder was extremely heavy and took up a lot of space in my backpack. This notebook is a slimmer option, and has pockets.

Occasionally I bring my laptop to school, but only when absolutely necessary, because I would hate for it to get damaged or stolen. I ordered the TKOOFN hard pink case via Amazon, and I love it! I take water to school with me everyday to make sure I stay hydrated, my favorite water bottles are Camelbak. My Vera Bradley lunch bunch was purchased 3 years ago, it is extremely good quality and it's the perfect size for packing my lunch. Last but not least, my Land's End backpack was purchased about 2 years ago. While it's been great, it's obviously been worn so I ordered the North Face Jester II. I'm super excited to start using my new backpack once it arrives!
(pictured is Land's End backpack)

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