What I Do When I'm Frustrated and Anxious: Mental Health & Self-Care Check In

May 16, 2020

Lately, I've been feeling extremely frustrated and anxious for several reasons—most of which I can't control. Quarantine/social distancing/staying at home is affecting all of our mental health in one way or another. When life is overwhelming and my emotions get the best of me, I have a few tactics I use to regain composure and get myself through it.

Cry or Scream it Out

Getting out the pent up frustration, anger, anxiety, or whatever is weighing on you out is key. Even though it may suck at the moment, I always feel better after I've let myself think about all the things that are burdening me, wallow in them for a little bit, and cry it out. It's all about catharsis.

Escape Reality

Whether it's binging a show or reading a new series, the last thing I want to do after crying it out is to continue thinking about my problems and living inside my head. Recently, I binged Never Have I Ever, Normal People, and finally started a new book from my stay-at-home reading list. Escaping into the worlds and lives of all of these characters, and seeing their problems get resolved, not only gives relief from my problems but reminds me that everything is going to work itself out.

Talk to People

As much as I love to talk, I'm terrible at talking about my problems to others. I'm reminded time after time that giving a voice to all of your problems and letting others comfort you is so helpful. Especially right now, a lot of people are experiencing frustration, anxiety, or another form of distress. Being there for your friends and family, and letting them be there for you is so important.

Focus on Your Whole Self

One of my school's mottos is "Cura Personalis" or care of the whole person and it reminds me that I am more than just my mental health. I always hear the phrase "healthy in mind, body, and spirit/soul," so whenever my mental health is circling the drain I focus on the body and soul aspects of myself. I'm intentional about working out, eating healthier, and strengthen my relationship with God. If you aren't religious, you can meditate, practice yoga, or dedicate yourself to whatever you're passionate about.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Nature can be so restorative. Simply walking a lap around my neighborhood or sitting outside for 5 minutes is an instant mood booster for me. Something about breathing in fresh air, Vitamin D, and hearing the sounds of nature are soothing.

Sleep it Off

When I have a mental breakdown, it's usually at night so it's easy for me to just cry it out and go to sleep. And when I'm really upset, I don't dream. Not only does sleeping provide a numbing effect, but I'm most productive and myself in the morning so waking up always brings a new day and a better outlook on life.

*I want to end this post by saying that these are a few things I do when I'm going through a hard time. But, I'm in no way a therapist or a doctor, nor have I been diagnosed with anything or sought treatment for my mental health. However, I have seen therapy work wonders for the people in my life so I would highly recommend speaking with a therapist if needed.


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