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May 10, 2020

With stay at home orders being lifted and hair salons reopening this post feels a couple weeks late, but I know that there are plenty of you out there who can't get to the salon or still won't be going for a little while—so this one's for you! I was scheduled for a hair appointment the week after stay at home orders were put in place, so taking it upon myself to manage my hair has been a pretty big task over the past two months. Luckily for me (and you), I figured out a routine that works great for me and hopefully will work for some of you as well!
*Quick disclaimer! Before quarantine started, I had been wearing sew-in extensions for about two months and in general, I have pretty fine hair that I get relaxed every 10-12 weeks. However, for obvious reasons I've started to transition to natural hair during quarantine. If this doesn't apply to you or your hair at all, these products and tips might not work for you—so keep that in mind!

When I texted my hairstylist for help, his biggest piece of advice was to keep my hair moisturized to avoid breakage. I started using a new shampoo targeted for dry, brittle, and damaged hair and started reusing a couple of old favorites. I started using the Ion Reconstructing protein treatment over two years ago and it's great at improving the elasticity of my hair so that it's less likely to break off.

I haven't been straightening or blow-drying my hair at all—partially because I'm not going anywhere and partially to prevent my hair from being damaged—so I'm back to an old favorite hairstyle of double french braids! I love this hairstyle but didn't use to wear it too often because I'm not great at braiding so it would take my forever for it to look acceptable. The extra time to work on my braiding skills has been one of the best things about quarantine because now I wear my hair in braids every day and I do them myself (the best tip I have is practice makes somewhere near perfect)! The braids look best when my hair is slightly damp, so I use either leave-in conditioner or argan oil every time I braid. Both of these products are great at avoiding frizz!

Finally, I wrap my hair (almost) everytime before I go to bed. Not only does it make the braids last longer but it helps avoid breakage from the friction with my pillowcase. I highly recommend purchasing either a silk pillowcase or a silk scarf to protect you hair at night!


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