Beauty Hack: Drying Your Face

September 25, 2018
Today's simple beauty hack changed the way my skin looks and feels almost instantly! Long story short; we've been drying our faces all wrong.

I've never loved patting my face dry with a towel after washing it, but I never put much thought into it until I learned that using the same washcloth to dry your face every day is harmful to your skin and can cause breakouts. The reason is that after the first dry, the cloth is wet and can breed bacteria. Then, the next morning you're exposing your face to bacteria right after cleaning it! If you're washing your face that's clearly not something you want. 

A la Hannah Bronfman's nighttime skincare routine, I started using cotton rounds to dry my face. They're inexpensive, easy to travel with, and I don't have to worry about which detergent my washcloths are washed with and how it will affect my skin. Within a few weeks of making this change, my skin showed significant results.

Thanks to this article from Into the Gloss, I learned about air-drying and hand-drying. I'm hesitant to try air-drying because cold air can dry out the skin in minutes, but the K-beauty trend of hand-drying has me intrigued! I saw this video on hand-drying from The Klog who I recently heard on TSC podcast and I changed up my routine instantly. I love this technique because your hands are clean from having just washed your face and this method produces no waste while adding a bit of lymphatic drainage to your daily routine (in addition to my daily facial massage)!

How do you dry your face? I swear removing the washcloth from the process has done wonders for my skin—highly recommend! xx, Lauren


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