2018 Goals and Updates

January 16, 2018

I'm back! In case you didn't notice, I took about a month off from the blog to enjoy the holidays with my family, relax, and make some big decisions. Without getting into the details, I've been feeling unhappy and uninspired with my blog and I knew I wanted to make some changes but I wasn't sure what exactly what those changes were going to be.

My personal blogging goals have changed a lot since I started blogging in middle school (I cannot believe I've been doing this for 5+ years). For a long time I aspired to be a fashion and beauty blogger, and looking through my past posts you will find a lot of content that shows that aspect of my personality. In the past year, I've discovered, and in some cases rediscovered, interests and passions that fulfill the way fashion and beauty once did.

My goal for 2018 is to transform the content of this blog to be more reflective of me beyond the surface. I plan to focus on lifestyle, college, travel, and book posts and explore my more creative side with mood boards and yet-to-be-discovered forms of self-expression. These changes are not limited to just my blog; I want to create a space within all of my social media platforms where I can express my self and my interests. Of course, my Instagram will be full of fashion-related pics and twitter will still be my primary source of random rants and musings. One of my favorite blog-related changes I made in 2017 was sharing a lot of business and marketing related articles on my Facebook page and I want to continue to mix in industry related content with my own on that platform. What do you think?

Thinking about the future of this blog makes me feel excited and inspired; I cannot wait for you all to see what I have planned for 2018! There will also be some blog format & design changes coming soon, so stay tuned! xx, Lauren
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