swim with dolphins
tour the White House
attend the Olympics
visit the Grand Canyon
climb the Eiffel Tower - April 2013

ride the London Eye - August 2015

attend a music festival - July 2016
tour the Palace of Versailles
visit the Vatican
see the Leaning Tower of Pisa
visit every continent (3/7)
climb a mountain
visit the water lily pond in Claude Monet's garden - March 2013
ride a hot air balloon
surf in Hawaii
visit the Sydney Opera house
visit the Colosseum
experience Mardi Gras in NOLA
stand under the bean in Chicago
visit the top of the Empire State Building - May 2015

ride an elephant - October 2011

see the ball drop in NYC on New Years Eve
visit the Museum of Neon Art
see Aurora Borealis in Iceland
hike to the top of Montserrat
skate on a natural ice skating rink in Switzerland
attend a TEDx Conference - January 2017
design and produce my own product
attend Sundance Film Festival
visit Seven Magic Mountain in Nevada
hike Machu Picchu
experience a cruise


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