Hydrating Hair Care Routine

November 14, 2018
morocconoil moisutre repair shampoo and conditioner in a white tile bathroom

My hair went from too sweaty and sleek to dull and dry over the course of a couple weeks. Somehow, D.C. fast-forwarded through fall this year and went from sweltering heat to high's of 37 degrees (looks like I'll be staying inside tomorrow). Winter brings hot cocoa and gingerbread houses, but it also causes dry skin and a dry scalp. I've switched up my hair routine to better suit the season and since I'm already seeing results I have to share!

Shampoo & Conditioner

In the summer, I was sweating every day whether I was working out or not so a cleansing shampoo was essential. Now that I'm only sweating for an hour a few days a week, I'm more focused on keeping my hair hydrated than keeping it uber clean. I saw on @itsdemib Instagram story that she was using Moroccanoil products, so I went to Sephora and picked some out for myself. I've been using the Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner because it's formulated to hydrate weakened hair (mine is chemically treated and has a history of breakage). After one washed, I noticed that my hair feels much smoother and more hydrated, not only the day I washed it but in the days that followed.

Leave-In Conditioner

I've been using the Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner for over a year now and I can't imagine going without it. I apply it after I've rinsed out my conditioner but before I even come through my hair. It doubles as a detangler while being a moisturizing conditioner at the same time.

Daily Moisturizing

Every day, without fail, I add moisture to my hair. Usually, it's the Shea Moisture Daily Finishing Serum, which I've mentioned before. I like this because it's a thinner oil so I can use it daily without feeling like I'm dirty my hair. It also tames flyaway hairs which is a must when it's windy. Last, but definitely not least, it adds shine making my hair look more hydrated.

No Heat

I shared my simple, no heat hairstyles on the blog a couple of months ago and I stand by them completely. I find that heat dries my hair out so I've reduced straightening to at most once a week. Braiding, specifically, exposes parts of my scalp to the cold weather, which brings me to my next step...

Scalp Care

I grease my scalp about twice a week in the winter to prevent it from getting flaky and making my hair shed. I usually do it right after I wash my hair, so I try to be a little conservative with the amount of grease while still making sure that I don't leave any section unexposed. My mom has been using the Sulfur8 scalp conditioner on me for as long as I remember, so I still use it but I'm sure there are numerous other options out there.

Silk Wrap or Pillow Case

Most linens are super absorbent, so sleeping on them without a protective barrier will suck the natural oils from your hair and dry it out. For this reason, a popular option is a silk pillowcase because silk is less absorbent than cotton. Again, I've been wearing a silk 'nightcap' since I was a kid and I prefer it because not only does it protect my hair from my pillowcase, but it's easy to travel with and it protects the style of my hair as well.

What do you do to keep your hair hydrated during the winter? xx, Lauren


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