Witch Hazel: The Spooky Ingredient You Need in Your Beauty Cabinet

October 31, 2018
Thayer's witch hazel original astringent and toner

Happy Halloween gals and ghouls! October 31st has never been my favorite day of the year. But, this year I'm embracing the holiday which means writing a spooky-themed skincare post. The only thing scary about witch hazel is the name, which comes from the old English name of the plant. However, I've been meaning to talk about this product on the blog for a while now and I figured today is the perfect day!

As I mentioned, witch hazel is a plant found in various parts of the world and its extracts have numerous properties that do wonders for the skin. I started using witch hazel as a toner right after I got back from Hong Kong and it truly transformed the way my skin looked and felt. From acne to skin tone to texture, witch hazel is kind of a miracle product for the face. Here are some of it's most useful benefits!

Reduces Irritation

For a reason I could never figure out, I started breaking out in minor hives earlier this year. I would go to bed with clean skin and wake up with little raised red bumps on my cheeks. Or, I would live my life during the day and my skin would freak out in the evening. It wasn't my pillows/bed sheets, my diet, or any new products that caused the reaction; but witch hazel was the only thing that cured it. I started applying witch hazel after cleansing to my entire face using a cotton round and not only did the reaction clear up but it stopped occurring altogether.

Fights Acne

Witch hazel works as a great astringent to use post-cleansing as it soothes the skin and helps close the pores, preventing acne. I have noticed a huge decline in acne and blemishes since I started using witch hazel and when blemishes do pop up I gently rub a bit of witch hazel over them to reduce inflammation and soothe my skin. It makes them much less red and noticeable without drying out my skin.

Cleanses Skin

I've mentioned more than once that I use witch hazel after cleansing, but it's great for removing any stubborn traces of makeup or dirt from the day. There's no better feeling than rubbing a cotton pad soaked in witch hazel over your skin and seeing that it's still clean afterward. Often times, it removes the foundation in tough spots like the crease of my nose and the edge of my hairline, ensuring that my skin is as clean is it can be morning and night.

A few extra notes about witch hazel before I sign off. 1) The brand doesn't matter at all. I started using the Target brand and it works just the same as Thayer's which is slightly higher priced (I got it on discount via Thrive Market). 2) Don't overuse it. I alternate between using witch hazel at morning or at night depending on how my skin is feeling. You have to be careful not to dry out your skin by over-applying. 3) It's part of a routine. Right after I started using witch hazel I was so amazed by it's uses that I tried using it to replace the rest of my skincare routine. That is not the way it works and you still need to be using cleanser and moisturizer as well as exfoliator and serums as you please.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Do you use witch hazel? If so, share how it has helped your skin! Happy Halloween! Stay tuned, xx Lauren


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