Why You Need To Buy a Facial Massager ASAP

September 11, 2018

Facial rolling has changed my life and that's a fact. It's so easy and takes just a few minutes of my routine every morning, yet my skin has never looked or felt better. Integrating facial massaging into my routine also meant adding a couple of other steps and doing some research into best practices, so today I'm breaking down everything you need to know about facial massaging and why you need to buy a facial massager ASAP!

To take you back a couple of months; it all started when I was looking for a pizza roller. I opened a random utensil drawer and found a jade roller. At this point, I'd heard about the benefits of facial massaging and jade rolling but I had yet to bite the bullet. I confusedly screamed for my mom, because 1) since when is she ahead of the trends and has something before me and 2) why was it hidden with the whisks and meat mallets? Well, it turns out she got it years ago and thought it was some kind of cooking tool *sigh*.

Fast-forward to two weeks ago when I was ready to take the plunge (mostly because Sephora was having a sale) and deciding between facial rollers. The Nurse Jamie Beauty Roller is extremely popular, but it's so expensive and I was looking for something natural and simple feeling. I was between the Herbivore Jade roller and Rose Quartz roller and after some research, I chose the Rose Quartz. The differences in the stones come from ancient Chinese and Egyptian beliefs and none of the reviews reveal a difference in the effects on the skin. I chose the rose quartz because the product itself has better reviews on Sephora and the rose quartz matches my aesthetic (hey, I'm a millennial after all).

For the past few days, I've been massaging my face and I see the results immediately! My skin is brighter, tighter, and more radiant than it's been in years. If you want to learn the specifics of lymphatic drainage and jade rolling, read The Skinny Confidential's blog post and watch Marianna Hewitt's video. A lot of the improvements in my skin comes from my new skincare routine, which I will share on the blog soon, but massaging my face for the past few days has elevated my skin even more.

A product that I started using alongside my facial massager is the Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen. I've heard great things about the Algenist brand recently, especially their liquid collagen products, and I wanted to try them because their collagen is vegan! If you have no idea what collagen is, here's a quick debriefing: collagen is a protein that our bodies naturally produce and gives our skin its glow and elasticity, but exposure to the sun strips our skin of collagen so adding it back is a huge trend in the beauty community at the moment. Most collagen products use fish or pig collagen, but being vegan it's important to me to use products that don't come from animals. Back to the routine, I apply the collagen and massage it in with my jade roller after I cleanse and exfoliate but before I moisturize. The chill of the rose quartz not only wakes up my skin, but it also helps to wake up my body before my 8 AM class!

I highly recommend using a facial massager every morning, whether you use rose quartz or jade. It's amazing for keeping your skin healthy and it prevents aging and wrinkles in the future. There are so many benefits from such little effort, that you'd be silly not to! Have you tried facial massaging? xx, Lauren


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