Beauty Travel Essentials Part 2

June 12, 2018
Makeup essentials for traveling featuring BECCA Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago I posted my beauty travel essentials featuring the skincare products I use while traveling. Today's post is a continuation; it's the makeup I wear while traveling! As you know, I've been in Hong Kong for almost two weeks. I've established my daily beauty routine (obviously it changes wherever I go) and it's perfect for traveling gals!

I purchased this makeup bag from Urban Outfitters before I left and it was only $10!! What a steal! I wouldn't be me without a little french in my makeup routine.

I've had this palette for six months when my best friend gifted it to me for Christmas! I'd been lusting over Becca's highlighter's which she read in my 2017 Christmas wish list. I'm absolutely obsessed with it and I've been using it every day for the past month. The highlighter is buildable so it's easy to brush it on for a natural look and add to at night when I go out. I've never been a huge blush gal, but I've been wearing this blush almost every day because I love how natural it is. This palette is great for travel because it has a huge mirror and fits perfectly in my makeup bag.

Highlighter and brows are my go-to for a no-makeup makeup look. This brow pencil is the easiest way to do my brows (literally do them in 10 seconds) and so easy to transport. I accidentally broke the brush end but I keep using it because it isn't sold in Hong Kong.

I haven't been wearing eyeshadow because it's so hot that my makeup sweats off after an hour - no joke. But, I love this palette for traveling because you can create a variety of looks and it comes with a great brush (I like it better than all of my other brushes).

This mascara is volumizing, lengthening, and water-proof — what more could you ask for? It's one of my favorites because you can apply one coat and you're good to go. I hate applying more than two coats of mascara; I want to swipe it on and before rushing out the door (which I have to admit is all too often).

Finally, lip gloss. I hate when I leave without wearing lip gloss because you can tell something is missing. These are easy to apply (not sticky or runny at all) and they stay on between meals without getting on your teeth! That means I can apply it before I leave the room for breakfast and not have to worry about it until my 10:30 snack break! Vanilla Cream Pie and Angel Food Cake are my favorites because they sound like desserts and they look natural.

What's in your makeup bag? Also, let me know if there are any amazing Chinese beauty products I should get while I'm here! xx, Lauren


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