Monthly Edit Vol. 2

May 31, 2018
laptop with snack and makeup bag next to plane window

It’s nearly June! I’m currently sitting in the window seat in the first row of first class!! (perks of traveling with my Dad) It’s 9:45 AM and thanks to the extra 2.5 hours of sleep that I got on my first flight of the day, I’m full of energy. We’re flying Air Canada, so I’ve been practicing my French by reading all the signs and warnings in French before checking my translation with the English one (does anyone else do this?) Anyways…here is May’s monthly edit!

1. A Quiet Place
I hate horror movies, with a passion. Yet somehow I always get roped into watching Paranormal Activity on my birthday or going with my friends to see the Conjuring 2. A Quiet Place, however, was a different story. I begged literally everyone I know to go see it with me. I’ll admit that I got roped into the excitement of it being Emily Blunt & John Krasinski’s first project together and watched at least 10 videos of them talking about the film and what it was like working together. My friend, Emma, went with me and she was the perfect movie partner because we were equally scared and excited about the film. I’d actually categorize A Quiet Place as a thriller, not a horror. It’s smarter than almost any movie I’ve ever seen and the creators of the film used sound and silence so well.

2. New Girl
New Girl is the first (and one of the few) comedy shows I’ve ever liked and it just had its last season. Season 6 was for the fans and contained references and guest from the past few years. New Girl is so much smarter than it ever gets credit for and I’m going to miss it from my weekly tv lineup. My favorite couple is Schmidt & Cece with Nick & Jess at a close second and I’m extremely pleased with how their stories ended. Little Ruth was a great addition to the final season and the last scene…I was laughing and shaking my head for at least 10 minutes after it ended.

3. Beerbongs & Bentleys
love Post Malone’s new album. I’m not a huge PM fan, I have no problem with him and he was great when I saw him at Osheaga but the only songs I knew before last month were Congratulations and White Iverson (as you can tell I’m pretty mainstream). But, this album surprised me and if you read some of my Instagram captions you’ll know exactly how great I think it is. I love pretty much all of the songs but my favorites are Spoil My Night, Ball For Me (Nicki killed that), Paranoid and Better Now.

4. Wait by Chantel Jeffries
Ever since I saw her in one of Olivia Jade’s videos, I’ve been following DJ CJ. She is gorgeous, but she also has great taste in music and I find her story interesting and inspiring. Chantel has always been into math, she said she was a mathlete as a kid, and now uses her math skills to create her DJ tracks. Wait quickly became one of my favorite songs of the month because it’s the perfect tempo, Vory has an amazing tone of voice, and the lyrics are so relatable!

5. Met Gala: Heavenly Bodies: The Catholic Imagination
I know it’s always the first Monday of May (I’ve seen that documentary 2x), but I wanted so badly for the Met Gala to be a week or two earlier. The reason is I took a class about Catholicism this semester and we had to write a final paper about Catholic influences in American culture and writing about the exhibit would have been too perfect. Alas, I did obsessively stalk Twitter to see everyone’s red carpet looks and named Blake Lively and Chadwick Boseman queen & king of this year’s event. Some of my other favorites were Nicki Minaj, Rihanna (of course), SZA, Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Anne Hathaway, Jasmine Sanders, and Naomi Watts.

6. Orange Theory Fitness
Orange Theory Fitness changed my life. That’s a tad dramatic but I’ve been taking classes every two days for the past month and I’ve never felt better. In D.C., when I started seriously working out I would do the occasional Soul Cycle class but I mostly ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes every day. It wasn’t a bad workout, but I could never tell how hard I was pushing myself and if I was good to take it up a notch. My favorite thing about OTF is tracking my heart rate and using it to monitor how hard I’m going. I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the rowing machine but my upper body strength has never been better!

7. Clean Juice
Following OTF classes, I either go home and make my own protein smoothie or go to Clean Juice with my mom. I naively told myself that I wasn’t going to like Clean Juice because it opened in the location of my local TCBY that closed last spring (I had lots of memories there). But, I was quickly turned to the dark side. Clean Juice not only has great smoothies, but they have a plant-based protein option. Also, their shirts that say “I run on Jesus & Juice” and “Healthy in Body Strong in Spirit” which I absolutely love and I want all of them.

I strongly believe in the power of good marketing, it is everything. When I saw the Tiffany & Co spring ad with Elle Fanning I immediately rewatched it 3 times. It’s extremely well-done, creative, and effective. Plus, it’s downright entertaining. The way Tiffany’s uses the classic song Moon River, adding a hip-hop/rap twist is perfect for attracting younger generation and refreshing their brand. And, I always love seeing Maddie from Dance Moms!

I’ve had my eye on Pop & Suki for a while. When my middle-school black bag from Forever 21 started to break, I finally decided to upgrade and since I have a birthday around the corner my mom got me the Camera Bag as an early gift. Obviously, I have the bag in Vegan Noir and the bottom has my name in a thick white cursive script. I’m in love with my new bag and I’m going to be doing a style post soon, just waiting on a few other accessories to make it perfect.

Have you read my latest style post? I’m obsessed with this top and I’ve worn it so many times in the 12 days that I’ve had it. It’s so comfortable and effortlessly cute. I went to Urban Outfitters a couple of days ago to get another pair of my favorite jeans and I got an item that will also be featured in an upcoming style post!

As I mentioned, I’m currently on the plane so of course, I have my beauty travel essentials with me in my cute pink bag! I'm absolutely obsessed with the jet lag mask and I'm so glad that I purchased it!

I was going to talk about two of the books I’ve read in this post, but yesterday’s roundup included them. In case you missed it, my favorites from May were The Immortalists (which I have yet to finish) and When Life Gives You Lululemons (which comes out in 5 days!). I was planning on reading Jack Gantos’ Hole in My Life, but I decided to go with one of my favorites for this flight…New Moon (I will always be a diehard Twihard).

What’ve you been doing this month? Favorite books, movies, etc? xx, Lauren


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