Girl's Night Out in Georgetown

April 21, 2018
Girl's Night Out outfit

Happy Saturday! To be honest, I haven't had the best week. Wednesday, in particular, felt like a perfect storm — any and everything that could have gone wrong did. During weeks like this, going out and leaving all of your stress at home is the best way to deal. Letting your mind rest for a few minutes makes a world of difference. Sunday night, my friend, Emma, and I are going to see A Quiet Place! We have a meeting at 8pm Sunday night, so we're not doing a real girl's night out, nevertheless, I cannot wait. I've been thinking about what I would do if I was spending a full night on the town, so this is my guide for a perfect girl's night out in Georgetown. 

girl's night out outfit

girl's night out outfit

girl's night out outfit
Top: Violet Boutique (similar) / Belt: Forever 21 (similar) / Jeans: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Steve Madden
The perfect girl's night starts with some light shopping, less buying more browsing. I love walking through stores without the intention of spending money unless I see something I have to have. Wisconsin Avenue houses some of my favorite stores like Madewell, Kendra Scott, and Tuckernuck. South Moon Under opened a store on Wisconsin and I haven't been yet but it's worth a stop! The best part of shopping on Wisconsin is that the stores are all close and there are many restaurants in between.

I typically go fast-casual for dinner because I've spent too much time shopping. My favorites in the area are Chipotle and Sweetgreen. If I want a nicer meal, I like Clyde's and I alternate between the veggie burger and the falafel — the falafel is my favorite! I'm also a huge fan of Paolo's Ristorante because they have a vegan pasta on the menu!

*2019 edit: go to Pinstripes and bowl. That's it*

I rarely order dessert at a restaurant because they never have good vegan options. It also gives me a chance to keep moving and try out a new place. It's highly debated which of Georgetown's three cupcake spots is the best. As much as I love Georgetown Cupcakes, Baked and Wired's vegan oreo "cakecup" is heavenly. If you want something a little lighter than a cupcake, Ben & Jerry's is always a good choice!

Finally, the perfect ending for any girl's night is a movie. I love going to the movie theater, even though I always end up spending so much money. A Quiet Place is so outside of my wheelhouse because I'm a huge scaredy cat, but the premise of the movie intrigues me. At this point, I've seen enough videos of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt talking about the film that I'm too invested not to see it. AMC Georgetown is a great theater, and obviously very conveniently located!

What do you like to do on a girl's night out? xx, Lauren


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