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January 28, 2018
Falafel Inc in Georgetown Washington D.C.

I've been living in D.C. for a couple of months now so it's for me to share one of my favorite go-to spots: Falafel Inc.!

Everyone who has the smallest bit of interest in the food industry knows that "fast-casual" is all the rage right now. From Chipotle to sweetgreen, fast casual offers a quick with real ingredients that we can trust. Falafel Inc. uses the freshest ingredients in there authentic Middle Eastern cuisine!

The company's social mission is "Food is Good" which for Falafel Inc. means donating a day's worth of meals to a refugee for every $10 customers spend. It's a great place to enjoy a meal and support an amazing and relevant cause!

The least appealing part about eating out as a college student is spending money. My number one tip for saving money in college is not out eating out - but every time I eat at Falafel Inc. I spend less than $6!! Sandwiches are only $3 and salads are $4 so I can justify spending the extra cash. 

As a vegan, I love that I can walk down to Falafel Inc. to get plant-based foods that are non-processed, packed with protein, and don't break the bank! Stay tuned for more D.C. food recommendations. xx, Lauren

P.S. The menu is prettty small, but I've heard that the fries are delicious!


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