It's Fall Y'All

October 12, 2017
A fall inspired casual college outfit.

A fall inspired casual college outfit.

A fall inspired casual college outfit.

A fall inspired casual college outfit.

I'm back today with some fun fall fashion! I've been obsessed with this outfit (I've worn it 2x in the past 3 days) because it's so comfortable and the colors are so fall! My favorite thing about this outfit is that none of the pieces are new, I created it from things I already had in my closet but had never worn together!

I got this faux burgundy leather jacket a few years ago from because I wanted something edgy, but more "me" than a traditional black leather jacket. This jacket is an unexpected fall staple because it's easier to wear than you might think. You may recognize this top from my Warby Parker post this past summer. At first glance, it's definitely a spring/summer top but the jacket brings out the burgundy/wine color and makes it more appropriate for fall. I also love that this top has a delicate, flowy bottom which makes the whole outfit a bit softer. If you've been reading for a while then you probably recognize these jeans as my favorite denim from Revice. They're a great quality denim and I own several pairs so that I can wear them multiple days in a row (not kidding!) The only thing I would change about them in this outfit is the cuff, the outward cuff in this look cuts off my legs and makes me look short (which I am, but the cuff isn't doing me any favors). Finally, I have these ankle boots which are nothing to speak of tbh. I've had them for years and you can tell that they are nearing the end. I just ordered new booties, though, that I cannot wait to share with you all!

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite pieces for fall? xo, Lauren


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