4 Fun Fall Things to Do Instead of Halloween

October 31, 2017
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Halloweekend is over and this year I spent it watching Stranger Things 2 and cranking out some essays. I've tried for years to be a person who gets excited for Halloween, picks out a great costume, and goes out and has a great time - but that's just not me. So instead of going out tonight, I'm going to drink my vanilla almond milk and watch a festive movie (even though I should be studying for my econ midterm tomorrow)! If you're like me you're not down for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating, here are a few ways you can celebrate the end of October either will your gals (and ghouls) or flying (on a broomstick) solo!

Movie Night

This is by far my favorite option, which is why it's the first option! When I was a kid a used to watch Halloween movies on Disney every year with my sister; our favorite was Twitches (obviously). The darkness scared me a bit as a kid (and kind of does now tbh) but the banter between the sisters sounded just like the way my sister and I used to argue! Another one of my favorites is Return to Halloweentown. It's an unpopular opinion for sure, but I think that Return to Halloweentown is the best of the Halloweentown series! Sara Paxton's Marnie was so much more fun than Kimberly Brown's and the Sinister Sisters were vindicative and fun but not too scary. My final favorite Halloween movie is It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I didn't watch too much Charlie Brown as a kid, but my brother did so I've watched it a lot more as I've gotten older. Our favorite scene from the film is when Lucy gives Charlie Brown a "signed document" and convinces him to kick the football. We've always loved that scene and we rewatch it periodically throughout the year for laughs!

Read A Thriller

For more of a solo night in, you could curl up with your fall drink of choice (mine has always been hot cocoa but lately I'm craving warm apple cider) and read the better part of a good thriller. All of Gillian Flynn's books have creeped me out for weeks after finishing them, as well as The Girl on the Train. If you're looking for some options that are a bit more recent and less mainstream, I found this great list of 7 thrillers!

Fall D.I.Y.

I cannot resist a good DIY, and the idea of doing one and putting it up for the month of November feels super fun and fresh. I love fall decor, so fall leaf mobiles, twig monograms, and sequined pumpkins are all good ideas. Not too hard, not too easy and super cute potential Instagram posts! Plus, it's never to early to get started on Thanksgiving dinner decor. If you're not a huge fan of any of these, type in "fall DIY" on Pinterest and you'll find a bunch more options.

Bake a Fall Treat

Last but not least, I never regret spending the night baking with my friends and family! I'm usually the first to fall asleep so it's historically been my mom and my sister who have enjoyed this one, but last I tried out a modified version of this pumpkin pie pop tart recipe, and it would have been a blog post if mine hadn't turned out so ugly! Cooking in college is so difficult if you in the dorms, so you might have to try out an easy snack like Mummy Pretzels or Chocolate Bat Bites.


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