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September 1, 2017

Happy September! Like I mentioned in my last post, I'm going back to a twice a week posting schedule this month which is so exciting for me! A month ago, I started a mini-series called Blogging 101 and my first post was about fashion photography. The feedback on that post was overwhelmingly positive so I thought I'd follow up with another post dealing with one of the hardest parts of actually starting a blog. There are tons of posts out there about how to choose a blogging platform; I've only ever used Blogger, but Barefoot Blonde and  WP Beginner have some great posts. If you do end up picking Blogger, keep reading!

1. Creating Your Blog
One of the reasons I love Blogger is because it's a Google platform. This means I can use my Gmail to create my account. Once you've logged into the Blogger site with your email, you create your blog my picking a title, address, and theme. Your blog title is what your blog is called (obviously) so for me, Miss Lauren Alston. The address is what gets entered into the address bar at the top; if you haven't already purchased a domain than your address will have the ending. If you haven't purchased a domain but you want to, don't worry you can buy one from Google later for just $12! Finally, choose a theme you love, but again you can always change it later.

2. Customizing Your Blog
Now that you officially have a blog, it's time to make it your own! Firstly, you can add widgets and rearrange the sections of your blog by clicking "layout" on the left sidebar. Some of the best/most useful tools for your readers are search bars, about me sections, and a blog archive. Once you love the layout, select theme from the left side and click customize. Here you can adjust the width or your main section and sidebar, as well as choose colors and fonts for your page text. Here in the details is where your blog really comes together. If you're new to design, you can make a mood board or choose 2-3 colors and fonts for your blog! You want to avoid anything too flashy or tacky and pair your fonts well. There are tons of tips for this on Pinterest, especially on my blog/business board.

3. Writing/Publishing Posts
Now it's time for (hopefully) the reason you started a blog in the first place: writing/publishing posts! To start a new post, select "posts" from the left sidebar, then click the orange "new post" near the top of the page. Here is where you're going to write your post and post title. Blogger makes it super easy to add other kinds of media to your post; to link highlight the text you want to be a link and then click "link" and insert the URL you want to go to. You can also add pictures and videos using the icons located under the title bar. To publish your post, simply click the orange "publish" button on the top right of the page. You can also schedule when you want your posts to go live by clicking schedule on the right sidebar and selecting a date and time.

That is pretty much all of the basics you need to know for Blogger. I do have tons of other tips and tricks for making your blog look more professional or glam-ing it up! Leave a comment with your blog (Blogger or not) and let me know if I should do another tips and tricks post. xx, Lauren


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