Blogging 101: Fashion Photography

August 1, 2017

Welcome back! A couple weeks ago, one of my good friends suggested that I do a blog post on how to start a blog (a blogging 101 if you will). I'd actually been toying with the idea for a while, but I didn't think anyone would want to read it-clearly I was wrong, but hopefully, more than 1 person will find it useful. 

Today, I'm starting with fashion photography because I think it's one of the hardest parts, at least for my blog. I do so many shoots with my sister where I think the pictures are coming along great, and then I go home and start editing and I hate them all. I've gathered some tips and tricks for you all to make every shoot a success.

For the most part, I like to go with a natural background; you may notice that a lot of my pictures are shot in gardens or fields. Depending on the outfit, I'll want something a little more interesting for the background; in that case, I'll pick a mural or a painted wall of some sort. Anything that will either fade into the background or make your outfit pop is great! Also shooting from different angles gives you a lot more options and ways to diversity when you plan on having 5-8 shots of the same outfit!

My favorite times to shoot are about an hour before the evening golden hour and a couple hours after the morning golden hour. I use the Magic Hour app on my phone for the times, but I like these times because it's not too hot (sometimes when I shoot in the middle of the day I start sweating 10 minutes into the shoot) and the lighting isn't too bright. This is also true of the actual golden hours, but I always feel like it's a little too dark and I'm rushed to take pictures in that time frame.

When I first started my blog I was using the iPhone 3GS, then I upgraded to a Canon Powershot 110, and now I use a Canon Rebel t6i. Honestly, though, if you're phone has a decent camera (which most smartphones do now) you can look up photography tips online and take great pictures. When you do get to the point where you want to elevate your photos but you can't afford a DSLR there are options; I used to check out a DSLR from my local library. Also, Light, which is a new camera technology company, has a new camera that's supposed to be super convenient and great for social media! While your camera isn't the most important part of photography, it can definitely improve your game. has a comprehensive post detailing the best digital camera - it's a great place to start when doing research!

Day Of
I always know what outfit(s) I'm shooting the well-before the morning off, and I have a location in mind even if I'm not 100% sure of it. I also always have some ideas in mind for what I want the shots to look like; if there's a theme or tone I'm going for or if there are any specific shots I want. Though it's good to have a plan, don't feel like you have to stick to your go-to poses. I would rather take 200 pictures and look either bad or stupid in 190 of them than take 20 pictures that I think will look good because it's what I always do and then not like any of them. 

My final advice is that some shoots will not work. Unless you're shooting with a professional photographer, in which case you should get your money's worth, it's ok to decide mid-shoot or even after the shoot that you're not satisfied and scrap all the photos. Even though it's frustrating and feels like an enormous waste of time, it's always better to upload something that you love and are proud of than post because you have to make a schedule.


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