Best of M Street Shopping | Washington D.C.

August 29, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if you noticed, but during the month of August, I cut back to just blogging once a week. It was mostly because I was spending a lot of time preparing to move to college, babysitting, and enjoying my last week of summer! I also went through a short freak out where I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue blogging, but I missed it so much that realized how much I truly love it!

Now that I'm all moved in, I want to explore both D.C. and Georgetown a bunch. I started a little bit this past Sunday when I walked about a mile down M street and back to do some shopping. If you're not familiar with the area, M street is a popular place to shop in the Georgetown neighborhood and I can easily walk there from the front gates of school! There's a wide variety of budget-friendly and high-end shops as well as popular retailers and unique boutiques. Of course, I love being able to go to Urban Outfitters and Paper Source whenever I want, but I'm super interested in the boutiques that carry pieces I can't find anywhere else! I did a quick round-up of the places that I popped into while exploring and have to make sure to go back to for fall/back to school shopping!

This one is probably the most popular, as it has won a bunch of awards for being one of the best boutiques in Washington. When I went in it wasn't too busy and all of the employees were super welcoming. I picked up a pair of shorts and as well as a cute tank top and started to the dressing room before realizing that I cannot buy any more summer clothes! It's already getting cool here and I barely brought any of my fall clothes! The prices were extremely reasonable, so I'll definitely be headed back once they have more fall pieces!

Marine Layer
If you live a major city, you may have heard of this store before. They have some other locations around the U.S., but it's not super popular. What I love about Marine Layer are their basics! It kind of reminds of Brandy Melville meets Aeropostale? I can't place my finger on it exactly but it's the kind of place that's right up my alley.

& Other Stories
I feel like this one is on the border of being a mainstream retailer and a boutique, but I'm including it because I had never heard of it before and it seems kind of underrated! It reminds me a bit of Madewell in its style, but it also has a lot more unique
funky" pieces which give it a boutique-y feel. Similar, it's at a pretty moderate price point but I would definitely say to watch out if you come here because some things are super affordable and others are a bit more on the high-end boutique side!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my round up! Leave any D.C. recommendations below as well as any requests for college posts! I'm currently working on my dorm room post and that will hopefully be posted soon. xx, Lauren

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