18th Birthday

July 11, 2017
Miss Lauren Alston and friends at dinner

Yesterday was my 18 birthday! I had originally planned to post on my Instagram story and have a blog post up with some of the life lessons I've gained, but I was way too busy enjoying the day with my friends and I realized that I had hardly any advice. Instead, I wanted to share my dinner outfit with you and where we went!

Bartaco in Chapel Hill

Miss Lauren Alston and friend

Miss Lauren Alston and friend

Miss Lauren Alston and friend

I did share one thing on my story (@misslaurenalston) which was the chips and guac I had at Bar Taco, which is a new restaurant in Chapel Hill! They have the best outdoor patio seating and we were lucky enough to get the table in the middle of the patio! Since it's a new restaurant, I got to see a ton of my friends and there and it was all around a great atmosphere. If you have a Bar Taco near you or coming to your area, I highly recommend it!

For my outfit, since I turned 18 I wanted to go for a night look that was kind of trendy and fun. I got this crop top from LuLus about a month ago and it was perfect for tonight! My white pants are the first pair I have ever owned and I got them from The Impeccable Pig in Raleigh! They're actually jeggings and I have the same pair in black. It is surprisingly hard for me to wear white pants without getting them dirty, but I love these because they are super comfortable and wearable! 

I had a great, unpredictable 18 birthday filled with so many laughs and I will never forget it! Thank you to all my friends who celebrated with me. xo, Lauren



  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I love your outfit. I shop on Lulus all the time, their clothes are so cute!


  2. Happy birthday!! I absolutely love your outfit. Also, chips and guac are definitely a great choice.

    Lauren / http://laurensjourney.com

    1. Thanks Lauren!! Haha chips and guac are my go-to :)


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