High School Graduation

June 11, 2017

So...I'm sitting here on the morning of June 10, just 5 hours before I will be graduating!! For me, it's definitely sunk in, mostly because I've been to 3 grad parties already. Still, I am beyond excited (and nervous), especially because I'm the first person to walk!!

Dress: ASOS // Shoes: NORDSTROM

If you know me, you're probably wondering about the dress I picked. I got it from Asos and I absolutely love it. I picked this yellow/gold because it looks great on my skin tone and it matches the stole that we have to wear. This color is also super trendy right now and I didn't have anything like it. The style is fun and flirty, making it the perfect summer dress. I know the black and gold combo is a bit much, so I styled it with white accessories (wedges and earrings)! Here are a few pictures I took before graduation and some from right after the ceremony. Stay tuned, xo Lauren.



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