Where I'm Going to College: Georgetown University

June 5, 2017
Lauren Alston wearing her Georgetown University tee shirt.

I am so excited to finally be typing out this post! The college application/decision process was rough, to say the least, but now that it is long over and I've gotten some distance I cannot wait to get started! This past Friday was my LDOC (last day of class) and it was truly bittersweet. While I have absolutely loved most of my high school experience, I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life! All of that being said, I am officially part of Georgetown University's Class of 2021!!

To get into a bit of detail, Georgetown was my first choice and has been for about 2 years. I applied EA (early action) and I was deferred which really got my spirits down. I was actually pretty sure I was going to a different school that I was accepted to for about 3 months until I received my RD (regular decision) admission from Georgetown. I visited for a weekend at the end of April, when I published this post and fell even more in love. I worked hard through high school, but also I was very lucky and the stars aligned for me to attend my dream school.

For a lot of reasons, Georgetown is the perfect school for me. It's right outisde of the city, it has a good range in population, and most importantly, I was really impressed by the business program. I plan on double majoring in Marketing and Finance, with a minor in French, and the MSB (McDonough School of Business) plus the opportunities that D.C. brings made it my top choice!

Finally, Georgetown is a Catholic school and a large part of the university focuses on Jesuit values. While I am religious and it was something I looked for in a school, I love that the majority of Georgetown students are not Catholic, it's seen more as a path that's available for you to follow if you choose to.

I am so excited to make the move up to D.C. at the end of the summer, so look forward to a bunch of college themed posts in the fall! If you have any questions about Georgetown or the college application process in general, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment. The bottom line, is that you want to choose a school that will give you the best opportunities/education for you, but also a place that feels like it could be home given that you'll be spending the greater part of the next four years there!

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  1. Jaquita Perf6/12/2017

    So so sooo happy for you!!!!!


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