Fall Favorites

October 29, 2015
Hello everyone! So my last post was about Halloween movies, and I planned to do a post showing my past Halloween costumes to you all, but I was realized that Halloween isn't really my thing, and I would much rather do a post about fall!

Favorite fall candle?
About a month ago I showed you all my 3 favorite fall candles, but my number one is definitely Golden Cinnamon!

Favorite lip color?
I still haven't done a beauty review on it yet, but Almay's Liquid Lip Balm in Pink Pout is my all-time favorite lip product ever. No matter what outfit I wear, or what makeup I wear, this lip gloss is perfect!

Favorite drink?
Pumpkin Spice Latte is the obvious answer, but I actually fell in love with the new Salted Caramel Mocha this year! I originally went in to try the Toasted Graham Latte, but they were sold out. I tried the Salted Caramel Latte instead and it was soo good! Of course, the chai tea latte is always a favorite of mine.

Favorite blush?
I don't wear blush that often, but the only one I do wear is the darker blush in the BH cosmetics Malibu palette.  It starts out super subtle, then after about 1o minutes it warms up into a glowy blush!

Favorite clothing item?
Lately, my favorite thing to wear has been my grey Piko top from ShopSosie! This top is super comfortable and easy to throw on with a vest and boots.

Favorite Fall Movie?
As mentioned in my Halloween movie post, my favorite movie to watch during this time of year is It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  My brother and I think it is hilarious, and we have a great time watching it together.

Favorite Fall TV Show?
A few weeks back I did a post highlighting the shows I watch this season. My favorite to watch has to be The Vampire Diaries because I've been watching it every Thursday in the fall with my sister for years! It almost feels like a tradition to watch The Vampire Diaries in the fall. 

Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday, so it was super easy for me to pick my favorite food. Mac and cheese is the one thing I must have at Thanksgiving! Last year when I found out that no one was bringing it I was devastated, so I went to the store and bought my own dish!

Favorite Halloween Costume?
As I mentioned above, Halloween isn't really my thing.  That being said I have dressed up almost every year, and my favorite costume is when I was a "Skele-Cutie" in 7th grade!

I hope you all enjoyed this tag! Leave your responses in the comments below, or if you have a blog and you participate in the tag I'd love to read your post!  Stay tuned, xo Lauren.


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